6 YouTube channels to learn html5 and css3 | Playlist

Are you want to learn Html5 and CSS3? Or start learning web development as a career? or maybe you want to become a web designer. OK, then you are in the right place. Today I will share with you the best 6 YouTube channels playlist to learn HTML5 and CSS3. These top YouTube channels will help you very well.

After learning HTML5 and CSS3 you will be able to, develop static web pages, static Business websites, a front end developer or work as a freelancer.  

1. HTML5 Tutorials  by TheNewBoston

The top YouTube channel with 2.2 Million subscribers created by Bucky Roberts on Feb 4, 2008, which provide quality tutorials to become expert in computer related work. Why I recommend this channel playlist because the explanation is awesome. Bucky Roberts explain with examples of web layout related like in one tutorial he takes an example of the navbar in the next tutorial use header as an example, which helps a lot.

2. HTML and CSS by Traversy Media

Traversy Media is also a great YouTube channel running by Brad from Oct 2009. Brad is passionate about making videos on web development and other programming languages like PHP python and many others. He loves teaching web development, therefore, we recommend his channel. The playlist is full of crash courses.

3. HTML and CSS for Beginners By Quentin Watt Tutorials

Quentin makes a lot of videos on web development from start to complete website development. In this playlist, he focuses on learning HTML and CSS from scratch. this will help you in learning web development. If you want to become a front end developer or web designer just go and complete the playlist.

4. HTML5 Tutorials for Beginners

This playlist covers almost all tags and attributes of HTML and CSS. The series starts with a brief introduction and then go with real-time coding to ensure you that how every tag or attribute has worked.

5. HTML5 Tutorials for Beginners by EJ Media

This course will guide you in learning HTML5 from very basic. The explanation of EJ Media is so simple and easy to understand, anyone can understand the course. Only 30 videos and just 90 to 100 minutes required to complete this course with 0 prior knowledge.

6. HTML and CSS Tutorials by MMTUTS

This YouTube playlist also focus on learning HTML and CSS. The explanation is comprehensive one of the best tutorials you will ever find on YouTube. The playlist tutorials are well structured. Tutorials are cool and interesting.

if you interested in learning through websites click here or you can learn through Books.

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