9 Great French Blogs Every French Learner Should Read

What are the advantages or disadvantages of not learning French online?  Best position: All free resources are available on your finger.  Best part: Most of the resources are free.  This includes a web page about French.  In fact, they are so many that you could spend the day forever and find the right one for you.  But now it’s not necessary. We have made a large list of websites that will help you learn French faster in various ways. Their methods may vary widely, but they are all combined with a deep love of the French language and a shared goal of helping as many students as possible.  Some use video, some use podcasts, and only a text or two.  So have some coffee, warm and soft butter, sit at your laptop and learn effective French.  This is a web crying out for learning.

9 Great French Blogs for French Learners

  1. French Crazy

French Crazy explored the country’s music, fashion, lifestyle and culture through a series of blogs, and gloriously integrated Gallic.  There are also articles pointing to other French resources on the Internet.  Some of these posts were taken from French sites and have been translated into English, and videos and large photos were used throughout.  For adventurous intermediate or advanced speakers, there is a French text that introduces the works of literary masters such as George Sand and Gustave Froubert.  Not forgetting the language learning courses, French Crazy provides a series of tutorials covering grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, how to start thinking in French and more. The website operates from French-English Bilingual John Elkhoury, he teaches French and lives and visits many French citie.

Great French Blogs for French Learners

2. Love Learning Languages

I mentioned “love learning language” at the beginning (I used to learn French with Jennifer), this is a comprehensive resource for learning the language.  Jennifer Crespin taught French in the United States for more than 15 years, then left her hometown with her French husband and moved to southern France.  She created a blog “to attract an audience who can be helpful in learning French.  “There are some posts about living in France, grammar lessons and the “Word of the Day” series.  Some posts contain short pre-recorded video lessons, other posts include podcasts followed by understanding questions in French, and some are written in English. If time is tight, “Daily News” posts are especially useful.  Select a selected word, translate, and then use it in the sentence.  All in all, a blog written well.

3. FluentU

Now we have to scream at ourselves! The FluentU website for French learners publishes weekly news to help you improve your knowledge.  Find the blog “Category” on the right. This website will help you easily navigate to the type of material you need, such as study skills, study materials, and grammar aids.  You can also use the search bar to see if we cover an issue that needs your help (because we’ve published hundreds of stories so we have a good chance).  You can also subscribe to the weekly mailbox (from the right side) to send new messages straight to your inbox.  Ultimately, Franteu’s job is to help you learn French in an interesting and moving way. Apart from the French blog, there is the FluENTU blog.  FluENTU takes true-to-life videos like music videos, movie trailers and engaging dialogue and delivers them in specific language lessons.  All videos include learning tools such as simplified subtitles, professional English translation, dictionary lists, vocabulary cards and entertainment questions.  Improve your website with these global videos for an immersive learning experience.

4. Talk in French

Talks in French link many blogs that can put the language into a source of material to speak fluently.  Each offers a different tutorial and is all stocked with easy-to-follow information as well as many French languages with English translations.  One of the best parts of the blog is that on the left side of each level, the opportunity to read the opportunity to read and make sure that beginners, intermediate or existing speakers are high.  The text is also given a rating such as “easy” or “difficult” so that students know what they want.  The message attracts some logical information and can be read because it can give you some questions that can be found and searched for.

5. The French Blog

The French blog is compelling. It was written by the aspiring French speaker William Alexander, who is also a writer and IT director.  According to the promotional video on his website, this is the last and best way for him to gain fluency, and he hopes to bring other French students to him.  Knowing the importance of good content, William searches for useful videos and articles on the Internet to comment and write many original materials.  Here are articles about French life and culture, cooking, news reviews, etc.  His two regular features not to be missed are “Wordsmith Wednesday” (explore a different word every week) and “French Food Fight Friday”-recipes, restaurant news And many other food-related delicacies.

Great French Blogs for French Learners

6. Oui, c’est ça

This is an excellent resource created by French teachers who have a master’s degree in French literature and a French bachelor’s degree.  These posts are the compromise combination of culture, grammar, songs, news and vocabulary, written in English, but there are many phrases and their translation.  Some posts use video and audio, while others use simple cartoon graphics to enhance meaning.  Oui, c’estça’s post dates back to July 2012.  Beginners, intermediate and advanced French speakers will find this blog series to be a useful addition to their learning toolkit.

7.  French Together

Prepare to laugh.  The French expressed their desire for students to learn French in a fun way, and it is not just to provide goals.  This fascinating blog series puts humor and learning centered on the stage because many posts are definitely interesting to them.  A scan of the French Together website revealed some interesting blog post titles, such as “7 French talk show comedies that make you laugh out loud” and “5 funny French emoticons.”  “This is all the website’s desire to get rid of rote memorization. Humor is an excellent vehicle and a way to help students become fluent.  Posts are a mix of text, graphics, photos and videos.

8. French Today

French Today is a website that specializes in providing audiobooks and courses for students. It provides you with exciting groceries and more diverse learning materials by publishing everything related to French life and culture.  Many posts follow enough simple format.  They usually begin with a short introductory paragraph, followed by a series of key points or short paragraphs with rich content.  Sometimes, you will come across some highlighted text, which will link to audio files in French that deal with topics related to specific blog topics.  These posts are written by multiple authors and fall into categories such as travel, food, French culture, learning French and humor. In addition to audiobooks and courses, you can also register for private French lessons on Skype through this website.

Great French Blogs for French Learners

9. Speak French Fluently

The intent of the site is in the title.  This blog series was created by Stanley Aléong. His academic background covers anthropology, linguistics and computer science. This blog series is suitable for people who want to be fluent in English.  Blog posts are divided into three categories: introductory articles, methods and strategies for learning French, and learning from common mistakes in spoken French.  These posts are primarily based on text, so there is no cartoon, video or flash graphics.  But the flow of articles is so good that there is no need to put icing sugar on language learning pills. The paragraphs are concise and clear, and keywords and phrases are highlighted in bold.  There is also a section on Stanley’s website called “Real Examples”, which contains links to real French conversations in many situations.  Transcriptions, translations and technical comments of the conversations can all be downloaded.  Speaking of French is a beginner, intermediate and advanced French speaker.

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