Angular JS | Interview Questions on Angular 2019 – 2020

Interview Questions On Angular:

Type Script is used as a based in developing Angular Applications. Type Script is an open source language developed by Microsoft. Angular or is used for developing web applications for both desktop and mobile. It support MVC pattern Architecture. Angular is used for developing Single page Applications (SAP).

interview questions on Angular:

Here I’m sharing best web sites direct post links, where Angular interview questions and answers are written by best instructors and developers. Angular interview questions are important for job as front-end web developer.

5 Best Angular Interview Questions Sites:

  1. Edureka
  2. Hacker Forum (
  3. Medium Website (
  4. Test dome web site (
  5. gang board (top 340+ Questions).

AngularJS or Angular JS Tutorial:

JavaScript is used as a based in developing Angular Applications. AngularJS is mainly used for Single Page Applications (SPA) like Angular. You can use for web Applications for desktop as well as for mobile. There is a little bit difference between Angular vs AngularJS is that AngularJS is a latest version of Angular with some more improvement.

Some Basics and Advance topics of AngularJS

You need to know about these basic topics of AngularJS. Even you are working with AngularJS or go for a job. let know about the topics which are mention below.

  1. AngularJS Routing
  2. AngularJS Components
  3. Directives (AngularJS bootstrap)
  4. AngularJS Controllers
  5. form (AngularJS form validation)
  6. Angular services
  7. Angular Scopes

To learn these basics click on this link Angular JS w3school.

10 Best AngularJS interview Questions Sites:

Here is the list of AngularJS interview Questions Sites where you can read for job. If you are looking for react js interview questions then visit the article by this link.

  1. freecodecamp review.
  2. Angular JS Tutorial Points.
  3. Angular JS codementor review.
  4. guru99 for Angular JS.
  5. Software for testing review (
  6. Simply learn (
  7. Naukri exam review (
  8. Angular JS online interview questions (site).
  9. javatpoint interview question (javatpoint AngularJS).
  10. Essential AngularJS interview Question (

Angular JS latest version released History:

     Here is some history of AngularJS versions.

  • AngularJS also known as Angular version 1.0 on 2010.
  • AngularJS 2 also known as Angular version 2.0 on 2016.
  • Angular 4 known as version 4.0 released on March 2017.
  • Angular 5 also known as Angular version 5.0 on November 2017.
  • Angular version 6 released on May 2018.
  • Angular 7 released on October 2018.
  • Angular version 8 released on May 2019.
Best Angular | AngularJS interview Questions Sites 2019-2020. Angular 4, Angular 5 and Angular 7 interview Questions
Best Angular | AngularJS interview Questions Sites 2019-2020. interview Questions On Angular 4, Angular 5 and Angular 7.

7 Best AngularJS 2 interview questions Sites:

Top best web sites list for Angular JS 2 interview questions.

  1. Online interview Questions (AngularJS 2).
  2. Angular JS 2 with Tutorial Points.
  3. Top 20 Questions Educba AngularJS 2.
  4. Top 20+ interview Questions Simplilearn.
  5. Top 80+ Best interview Questions.
  6. Top 30+ AngularJS 2 interview Questions.
  7. Best 69+ AngularJS 2 interview Questions.

6 Best Angular 4 interview questions Sites:

Top web sites list for Angular 4 interview questions.

  1. Top 10 Angular 4 interview Questions.
  2. Top 70+ Angular JS 4 interview.
  3. Top interview question in 2019.
  4. Read Angular 4 interview questions.
  5. 30+ Angular 4 interview Questions.
  6. Learn Angular 4 online Top 30+ mix.

4 Best Angular 5 interview questions Sites:

Best web sites list for Angular 5 interview questions.

  1. Top 10 Questions for Angular 5.
  2. Best 20+ Angular Questions.
  3. Interview Question for Job Seekers.
  4. 30+ Questions and Answers.

4 Best Angular 6 interview questions Sites:

4 Web sites list for Angular 6 interview questions.

  1. 22+ interview Questions.
  2. Simple interview Questions.
  3. Some technical Questions answers.
  4. Basic Questions for Job.

3 Best Angular 7 interview questions Sites:

3 Best web sites for Angular 7 interview questions.

  1. 35+ Best Questions for getting job.
  2. Top 16+ Questions Answers by JavaTpoint.
  3. Best of All Angular interview Question by GitHub.


we come up with Top 39+ web sites where you can read about Angular interview Questions. on just one single click will reach you near best resources. We are here to collect best resource and write down at one place for your learning and getting information. If you recommend us some topic we will cover it as soon as possible.

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