Best Sites For Free Gradients and Color schemes/Palettes 2021

Are you looking for Best Sites For Free Gradients and Color schemes/Palettes in 2021? You are at the right place. Here I am sharing the Best Sites For Free Gradients and Color schemes/Palettes 2021.

Color Palettes

1. Flat Colors UI

FlatColorsUI is powered by Designhill. Designhill may be an inventive marketplace that caters to the inventive desires of companies and people alike United Nations agency will supply high-quality styles from skilled designers and distinctive merchandise created by freelance artists.

Our community of over a hundred twenty-five,000 designers and artists from nearly fifty-two countries brings the world’s best inventive talent to your fingertips. From serving to business house owners crowdsource multiple style ideas to hiring the simplest designers for matched comes, to legion distinctive merchandise created by best artists on the PrintShop Marketplace.

What started as a style crowdsourcing platform in 2014 has currently mature into a worldwide inventive marketplace for entrepreneurs and people alike. Designhill was bootstrapped by Rahul Aggarwal and Varun Aggarwal to encourage inventive skills around the world.

2. Material Colorion

Material colorion sites have easy and interactive UI. When you click on any color shown on the website it copies the Hash Code of that color. Then you can use that hash code anywhere you want to use.

3. Web Design Rankings

One factor I learned on balance is often that sensible color schemes or sensible color selecting are that the essence. I conjointly love gradients and that I hope you wish them too. Thus, I actually have curated a number of the simplest websites which give you the simplest gradients and color schemes/colors. Of course, they’re freed from value and you will not get to shell a penny. this may positively boost the progress for devs and designers alike.

4. Color Hunt

A free and open source site for color schemes/Palettes.

5. Material UI Colors

Easy and simple website layout makes it wonderful for a user to pick a color easily. There a range slider that limits the color lightness and darkness. The range of slider is 50 to 900, 50 is the lightest, and 900 is the darkest color.

6. Pigment Shape Factory

Here on this site you will initialy find a two color contrast. When you select a color then there you have 4 choices for both two colors, to make color light or dark.


There a huge variaty of colors combination. You can choose or pick any color and easily copy the hash code. After that you know better where to use the hash code.


You will find alot of color palette on this site. Some of them i can call here.

  • Asussie Palette
  • British Palette
  • Canadian Palette
  • Chinese Palette
  • Dutch Palette
  • French Palette
  • German Palette
  • Indian Palette
  • Russian Palette
  • Spanish Palette
  • Swedish Palette
  • Turkish Palette etc.


WebGradients may be a free project of Itmeo team. easy and powerful, WebGradients contains 180+ contemporary scenery gradients beautifully served in Sketch, PSD, CSS, and PNG formats. once you got to add a gradient to your project, WebGradients saves your valuable time in a very sleek, handy, and galvanizing manner. marker the positioning to use in your next project!

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