Best Useful Online Resources for Medical Students 2021

Are you looking for the best useful online resources for medical students and teachers, so you are at the right place? From maintaining with teachers to looking for a residency, life as a student is unbelievably complicated. The nice news?

whether or not it’s a matter of managing student loan debt, doing medical analysis, or just keeping on high of the large quantity of knowledge that medical students square measure to blame for, there square measure websites that may facilitate.

Below square measure a number of the most effective on-line resources for medical students.

1. Osmosis

Osmosis empowers over a million learners around the world with a far better understanding of drugs and health topics.
Learn more and forget less with fun, easy-to-digest videos and tools that assist you to study more strategically, at your own pace.

Osmosis combines simple videos with fantastic explanations across a good range of topics, with questions and study notes to assist consolidate your knowledge at your own pace.

Their platform is straightforward to use and really comprehensive, making them one of the simplest online medical learning platforms in the world

2. WikiDoc

Wiki Doc is the best and Huge resource for medical students and teachers. It provides a variety of information that helps us to learn and research.

WikiDoc is an open-source website that permits a world community of healthcare professionals to feature and edit medical content during a process termed co-creation. WikiDoc is meant to facilitate collaborative authoring.

3. Dr. Najeeb Lectures

He has helped varied students through tough ideas besides his wacky and surprisingly unforgettable drawings. Our favorite lectures embrace the activation cascade, nephritis, and redness.

If you haven’t seen his lectures before, provide them a go – unlimited access is usually very cheap once a promotion is on!

4. Radiopaedia

Radiopaedia may be a free, collaborative website that houses an in-depth library of medical imaging alongside expert assessments and reports.

It’s super useful for increasing your radiology skills and knowing which imaging modality is best for various conditions.

5. Armando Hasudungan Video Tutorials

Hasudungan is a Youtube Channel with 1.5M+ Subcribers. Armando is a physician trainee living in Sydney Australia. These Graphical and Art video tutorials are most informative. Videos have connected the complexity of science and medicine into art. You will learn and research a lot of stuff with learning.

6. Medscape

Medscape is that the leading online global destination for physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide, offering the newest medical news and expert perspectives.

Essential point-of-care drug and disease information; and relevant professional education and CME. Medscape’s mission is to enhance patient care with comprehensive clinical information and resources essential to physicians and healthcare professionals.

Resources for Medical Students
Resources for Medical Students

7. Health Line

Healthline is devoted to creating health and eudaimonia info accessible, comprehensible, and unjust so readers will build the simplest attainable selections concerning their health.

Our content is made, fact-checked, and reviewed by qualified writers, editors, clinicians, and alternative contributors.

Healthline covers all aspects of physical and mental state overtly and objectively as a result of we’re here for the complete person — for your whole life.

And since folks come back to the U.S.A. with distinctive challenges we have a tendency to listen closely and place fellow feeling 1st across our organization.

In everything from our personal views to our commitment to inclusivity, you’ll see that we have a tendency to feel with you.

Each piece of clinical content undergoes a sturdy review method from medical professionals to make sure accuracy. We’ve got strict sourcing pointers and cite or link to primary sources in every article. Our specialists frequently monitor the health and eudaimonia area. And that we update our articles once new info becomes out there.


Our approach will increase the visibility of medical info from well-thought-of sources; info that will typically be lost during a muddle of business results and user-generated content. is a Medical Search Engine that creates high-quality medical info simply accessible to everybody. OpenMD searches billions of documents from government agencies, world health organizations, medical journals, and reference sites.

Subscription paywalls area unit commonplace in skilled medical references. We tend to acknowledge that unexpectedly running into those walls may be a headache. Thus OpenMD’s search prioritizes freely-accessible content whenever offered.

9. Interview Questions Resources

This site introduces a huge & comprehensive set of practice questions, that help medical students. If you want to get prepped for the interview of any type of medical test, It’s useful for you. Here they share the most commonly asked interview questions.


The Healio website is additionally a helpful one to grasp. They providing students with articles on a variety of specialty areas as well. Medicine, medicine, orthopedics, medical specialty, and communicable disease, simply to call some. It permits access to journals and books furthermore as data on forthcoming skilled conferences. Once doctors begin to follow, this website is additionally an excellent one for continuing medical education credits (CME’s).


Medistudents was supported in 2006 as a web instructional platform designed to assist medical students to inure their exams. Over the years it’s big and has been employed by many thousands of scholars and doctors, across the planet.

Medistudents core worth is to form prime quality medical e-learning resources out there to all or any. We have an oversized network of authors across numerous specialties United Nations agencies who contribute content to the positioning.

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