[EASY] Ways to Download Any Netflix Series for FREE

Watching the best Netflix series with friends and family has become a major part of life because we cannot hang out with friends or family nowadays because of this pandemic. In these circumstances, we can’t go out and watch movies in cinemas. We provide you the way for Netflix series free download.

In the year 2020, Netflix has taken the role of cinemas and people have made cinema at home. There are a lot of series and movies on Netflix. To download them for free just follow the following steps:


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Go to 1337x.to:

1337x.to is a free site to download a lot of free stuff using uTorrent. You can freely search for any Netflix series or movies to download it for free.

But before you start downloading, it is recommended to turn on your VPN connection to prevent unnecessary disturbance. Just perform the following steps:

  • Turn on your VPN connection
  • Go to 1337x.to
  • Search for any series or movies you want.
  • Find a relevant result
  • Use magnet download (puts the torrent directly to uTorrent
  • The downloading will be started automatically

That’s it. Enjoy. If you want to find out the best Netflix series. Here is the link to that post.

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