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About learn java programming OR Why learn java programming?

It is an object-oriented computer programming language. It is the most popular open-source programming language in the present context for that reason you should be learn java programming. Java was developed by James Gosling of Oracle Corporation which consists of more than eight million programmers engaged in the Java interface at present. This language consists of many syntaxes same as that of C and C++. So, it serves as a familiar tool for the users of C and C++.

The main goal of the language was to create a simple, object-oriented and easy platform for programming lovers like you. Other major goals were; secure, portable and dynamic with high performance. The latest version of Java programming language released in September 2018 was JAVA 11. In this 21st century, most of the jobs are learned with the use of YouTube. That’s why I have written this post to gives you the best youtube channels to learn java programming.

How to learn java?

If you have little knowledge and want to expand it, you can use YouTube to do. There are a lot of channels to learn java programming but we describe the best channels out of them.

Learn java the easy way

There are two ways to learn java programming.

  1. By Books
  2. Learn Online

Best way to learn java

Below the best way to learn java programming.

Learn Java Online Free

Below the list of youtube channels that are online and free to learn java programming.

Best YouTube Channels to Learning Java

Here we would tell you about YouTube channels which would train a beginner in a better way and help them to expert Java programming. Below the channels are given you can check them out.

1. The New Boston

While searching for the option to learn Java programming, the YouTube channel name ‘thenewboston’ might be one of the best options for you. This YouTube channel is quite popular with more than 2 million subscribers and about more than 400 million views in total. The YouTube channel is quite old as the creator joined YouTube in February 2008. It’s almost 10 years. Quite old, Right?
The channel has more than 4200 video tutorials on different topics and of course, all this is free to take part in. Forward with Java, you can also learn web design, game development, networking and many more. This channel also has a website but it seems like the webpage is not working right now. Though the website is not working, the video tutorials on this channel itself are quite sufficient to learn Java programming.

2. Cave of Programming

Well, if you are thinking that you want to learn JAVA programming on YouTube with fewer video series then another YouTube channel named ‘Cave of Programming’ may be another best option for you.
Cave of Programming is one of the popular YouTube Channel to learn JAVA coding after the channel ‘thenewboston’. This YouTube channel is established on November 28, 2011.
Till now it has total views of over 8 million and till now the channel has around 89 thousand subscribers. The description of the channel is built to learn a different programming language, especially JAVA programming.
The channel has altogether 329 videos providing online courses on MySQL, C++, including JAVA programming courses as well.
On this channel, it has created a tutorial about different aspects of JAVA. There are JAVA courses for beginner levels too. The channel has to build video series on Android JAVA Programming, JAVA 8, JAVA FX, JAVA multithreading, JAVA for beginners, JAVA collections framework, JAVA Web Programming, and Java Swing. So, there are lots of stuff related to JAVA programming.

3. Telusko Learnings

Well, while learning through earlier YouTube, you may gonna have really missed your classroom. As we all have passed our childhood learning face to face with the tutor and still learning through that way. So, If you have really missed that, then a YouTube channel named ‘Telusko Learnings’ may be one of the best options for you.
Though you cannot interact with the tutor directly it will make you somewhat comfortable while learning through this channel if you are very attached to the traditional teaching method. Now, let me introduce this YouTube channel in brief.
‘Telusko Learnings’ is created on April 29, 2014, with the intention to provide free videos on JAVA, C programming, Spring MVC, Android, Hibernate, Network, and Servlet JSP. Till now the channel has around 218K+ subscribers with over 24 million views. It has around 1015 videos until now.

4. Programming Knowledge

If you want to learn the Java programming language and are completely new to it? Do not worry, we will help you out. Now is the generation of virtual independence where every individual is capable of obtaining knowledge all around them with the help of e-learning via internet facilities.
YouTube is one of the great steps in the development of Information Technology. It serves as an easy and fast source of information for students and beginners of new programming languages. The YouTube channel we are talking about is none other than ‘Programming Knowledge’.
‘Programming Knowledge’ is a YouTube channel that provides vast knowledge and tutorial videos that assist those who are seeking a guide to learn a wide variety of programming languages.
If you are a beginner and want to broaden your knowledge of Java Programming, ‘Programming Knowledge’ can be one of the best destinations on YouTube.
If you are tired of poorly explained lessons, low-quality videos and inexperienced tutors, don’t worry about those problems you faced in the past. You will get more than what you expect from this YouTube channel.
Let’s briefly introduce the channel to you. ‘Programming Knowledge’ is established on March 25, 2012. Till now it has around 1309 videos on different programming courses with around 670K+ subscribers.

5. Derek Banas

Another YouTube Channel we are going to discuss is none other than the channel named ‘Derek Banas’. In this channel, we can view the content on a variety of topics.

Here you can learn a different programming language, web designing, mobile development, 3D design, marketing, sales, recipes, Game development, psychology.

Also, you can enjoy live stream gaming and RPG Gaming on this channel. Awesome! now let me introduce the channel.

‘Derek Banas’ YouTube channel is quite as old as ‘thenewboston’. This channel is established on August 12, 2008. Till now it has total subscribers of around 833K with over 76 million views in total.

Conclusion: Learn java programming on YouTube is better than paying and taking coaching classes. Although there are a lot of positive aspects of learn java programming through YouTube channels at home, there exist some negative aspects too.
You will not acquire any proof of learning, so you have to take your experience and knowledge as the certificate. The most important part you will miss is classroom discussion and other perspectives during the learning process.
You will really miss the classroom if you are new to e-learning. Despite this, it is free of cost and for most of the beginners who want to learn Java Programming but have some sort of money then these YouTube channels are really helpful for you.

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