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Adobe is the most famous flatform where people do amazing stuff. But every single program or software built by Adobe is paid. You have to pay for using their software. They provide you with a trial of one month and after that, you have to pay. At this point, everyone wonders if there is any way to get these adobe software free. As always, we have got you back. In this article, I will be explaining the ways to get all adobe software free. But before moving to the main topic let us see that what are the main softwares and what are they used for? And why should we use them? The most commonly used softwares are the following:

  • Photoshop
  • Premiere Pro
  • After Effects
  • Illustrator
  • Animate
  • InDesign
  • Lightroom

These softwares are used to create awesome stuff like:

  • Animations
  • Photo editing
  • Creating Documents
  • Video editing
  • Designing
  • Creating Vectors

You can learn any of these softwares from udemy or any other platform. There is no such thing as free in this world so if you want to know how to get all udemy courses for free you can read our post on this topic too. Click Here to go there.

Ways to get Adobe Software FREE

Below the methods to get Adobe Softwares for Free are explained but before please consider reading the following disclaimer and warning.


This course is for educational purpose only and not meant for commercial distribution. Readers expressed herein based on actual research and are no way to intend or promote or damage the repetition of the mentioned products.

Now if you are done reading so far, also consider reading the warning because it is important.


It is highly recommended to use any VPN to hide you IP address before doing the following steps.

Method 1: Use PirateBays:

Many people use Pirate Bays to get many things for free. Pirate Bays is full of risk and tricky method. You should use a VPN to secure your identity. It is banned in some countries but we will be using VPN to avoid this issue.

Using PirateBays is simple. Simple go to Google and search for Pirate Bays.

Pirate Bays Google Search Result
Google Search Results

Click on any of the top two links you will be taken to the pirate bays homepage.

Pirate Bays Homepage
Pirate Bays Homepage

Here just type the name of the adobe software you want to get for free. For example I will type Adobe After Effects CC 2019, PirateBay will show me some results.

Pirate Bays search results for Adobe After Effects

Now perform the following steps:

  • Choose any of the item from the list.
  • Get the torrent file
  • Add this torrent file to uTorrent.
  • It will automatically start downloading, So ENJOY 🙂

Another method will be posted on this website soon. So please keep visiting to stay UPDATED.

Note: The next method is safer than this method so keep visiting.

Thanks for READING

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