Programmers: Top Websites Every Programmer MUST Visit

Are you a programmer? Looking for a perfect website to learn new things online and get together with many other programmers to learn and discuss new things and ideas? Well, you reached the right place. Here is the list of the websites for programmers, that every programmer should know about and visit to learn a few new things on the daily basis.

1: freeCodeCamp is a website where you can register for free and start learning to code. You can build projects for non-profits. They give you a free certificate that shows your skills on the basis of your performance (which is insane). Also, you can build your full-stack portfolio. So what are you waiting for? Click here and register today.

2: Blackbird School 

Blackbird School is a decent website to learn to code online with our beginner-friendly platform. Here you can try it for free or pay $500/year to get coding education. They teach how to program by giving simple tasks and train the mind by making you build simple games. They also have LMS (Learning Management System) for everyone to manage classes and assignments etc to get you the best experience. I recommend having one try at least.


You can find interesting programming challenges where you can learn from looking at other’s code, even if you are not able to solve code you can look at how others solved. Everyday, many programmers interact with each other. Post a task and try to solve it. If anyone can’t they can ask each others help. If you are a beginner and finding best resources try this site. It really helps.


On you can download as many projects as you want and level up your programming skills with 3,450 exercises across 52 languages, and insightful discussion with our dedicated team of welcoming mentors. Exersim is said to be free for lifetime. It is another great resource for programmers.

5: StackOverFlow:

Last but not the least is StackOverFlow. It is a great website which is well known by any programmer out there. The idea is very simple. Someone who has any question posts a question, the experts answer them and hence the problem is solved.

There are many programmers who get the job because of this website. You can also get one. Make a free account and help everyone by answering people’s question. Or if you have any question, just post it there. A very huge amount of experts has got your back.

That’s it for the top websites for programmers. We’ll keep trying to get the best content for you.

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