React js interview questions sites 2019-2020

React JS Interview Questions:

Every front-end developer knows about react JS or maybe some beginners hear about React JS. React JS is a JavaScript library developed by Facebook. It is used for User Interface UI design and sometimes as a base in mobile applications development. If you are looking to react js interview question then stay connected with us. we will share a list of best resources where you can learn or prepare React js interview questions. we will compare react js vs angular in somehow. If you want to know about AngularJS interview questions then just click here.

Salary Comparison between react vs angular js:

React js vs angular Salary Comparison
React vs Angular JS. we show the comparison between React js vs angular js. React js vs Angularjs, React JS salary is the batter in some countries.

If we compare react js vs angular developer salary in country wise then it will be easy for us to compare react vs angular js salary.

React JS Salary between React js vs angularjs.

CountryReact JS developer Salary
USA $120300 per year
UK £60,000 per year
India ₹800,000 per year

Angular JS Salary between React js vs angular js.

CountryAngular JS developer Salary
USA $112,125 per year
UK £45000 per year
India ₹615K per year

Between react js vs angular, 52% are using React JS and many are planning to use. on the other hand, react vs angular js, 30% are using Angular JS. So its all depend on you what technology you choose between React js vs angular.

Best Sites to prepare react js interview questions:

Here are the links of sites from you can prepare Reactjs interview questions.

1: Medium

Here on this site, you will find almost 20+ Reactjs interview questions and answers. which will help you a lot. The medium site provides some imported React JS interview question like, what is React redux or difference react js vs react native. A great site for preparing.

2: GitHub

Everybody knows the value of GitHub in our programmers and developers life. GitHub provides 320+ react js interview questions which is definitely perfect for you to get a job. some sort of question which GitHub provides is, React redux vs React native or sometimes ask that why we choose React JS instead of Angular means difference between React js vs angular.

3: Edureka

Edureka is the hub of tutorials. They have a youtube channel + site. You can choose how you want to prepare to React js interview questions. There almost 50 interview questions on Reactjs.

4: Online interview Questions (Site Name)

This site provides 25+ Reactjs interview questions for experienced. You can download these Reactjs interview questions and answers as PDF form instead of reading online.

5: Educa

Educa covers 19+ React js interview questions, which are the basic and essential for preparing interview questions on React js. some sort of question like flux in React JS, react js vs react native difference or React redux vs React native or react js vs angular. why react vs angular js difference is to ask in interview question on React JS because there a basic reason they want to know that is you also familiar with other technologies of not. With the passage of time may be the company want to work with angular JS.

The all above resources are the top sites for preparing to React js interview questions. Maybe someone has different sort of mind but we searched and collected the best resources for you to prepare for the React JS job.

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