six web development websites to learn html 5 & css

Top web development websites like W3Schools,Udemy and tutorials point etc. I am here to help you in learning web development from websites so let start.

first of all, I want to show you the hierarchy of Computer languages to become a master of web development or web designer.

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. CSS libraries like famous bootstrap.
  4. javascript
  5. PHP
  6. Database

today we are going to learn HTML5.

W3schools, standing on 150th place according to report of Alexa ranking in June 2019, having a systematic way of delivering knowledge, this knowledge includes basic to expert level for learning HTML5, W3schools was launched in 1998 by Refsnes Data(is a Norwegian software development company). W3schools provides a facility to revise your previous knowledge with run time examples and exercises.

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Udemy has 404 Alexa rank(September 2017), created in 2010 by Oktay Caglar, Eren Bali and Gagan Biyani. In 8 years journey (i.e. 2010 to 2018) there are 100000+ courses on Udemy, Now in 2019 Udemy is the No. 1 online learning platform with professional instructors. They provide both free and paid courses. You can learn by Udemy anywhere anytime using Android, Apple IOS and Apple TV. The courses include video tutorials, PowerPoint presentations, Audio, PDF and zip files.

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As clear from the site name that it’s only focused on learning HTML & CSS, Launched in 2002. It starts from basic and then move up mastering HTML. It has a very friendly user web layout especially it’s alphabetically sorting feature, every HTML tag is categorized with alphabetically. The motto of this site is similar to the saying,

“when you focus on one thing you master it”.

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4.Tutorials Point

It starts in 2006 with a single tutorial on HTML and today has a monthly 40 million readers with 100 million pages. Why we recommended this for you because they do not force you to submit details or sign up. Their mission is to deliver a free and clear learning approach.

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5.Tutorial Republic

Tutorialrepublic is also a top-level website to learn HTML step by step with examples and tips. It covers HTML elements, tag, and attribute. They divide HTML into two steps one is Basic and second is Advance. In basic, they cover from introduction to iframes and is advance they cover all remaining.

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Codecademy has Alexa ranking 2332 as of January 2019 by Wikipedia. codecademy has 3.8 Million + people who have taken this course. Only 7 hours required to complete this, from ”ZERO to HERO”, No need to have any kind of experience required to learn this.

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  1. i have personally experience with these all websites, if you have one just share through comments.
  2. if you have interest in books to learn HTML5 & CSS just click here

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