Top 10 rich people in the world 2019

Top 10 rich people of the world 2019 – Here in this article I have shared the list of top ten Richest people of the world in the Year 2019, 2020.

1: Jeff Bezos:

Everybody knows about Amazon but not about the mastermind behind this, Here I am talking about Jeff Bezos. The net worth of Jeff Bezos is $131B with leading the list of Top 10 richest people of the world 2019. Born in 1964 New Mexico. He does a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer science. Jeff Bezos is an Investor and the leading Businessman in America.

2: Bill Gates:

When we hear the name Bill Gates the first thing comes to mind is dollar($) and Window. The net worth of Bill Gates is $96.5B and on the 2nd place of the world’s richest person list 2019. Bill Gates is an American Businessman and Investor. Bill gates are the owner of Microsoft Company.

3: Warren Buffet:

Warren Buffet has a net worth of $82.5B. Warren is born in 1930 United States.  This man is also known as “Oracle of Omaha”. Warren Buffet has 60+ companies some are following.

  1. Coca-Cola
  2. Bank of New York Mellon
  3. Apple
  4. American Express

4: Bernard Arnault:

Bernard Arnault with $76B net worth is on 4th number in the list of top ten richest people. Benard is a French businessman and chief executive of LVMH Moet Hennessy.

"Affordable luxury – these are two words that don’t go together."

5: Carlos Slim Helu:

Carlos Slim is a Mexican investor and engineer. Carlos net worth is $64B. Slim Hela is a businessman and the family of Carlos is involved in business with.

“Competition makes you better, always, always makes you better, even if the competitor wins.”
top 10 rich people of the world 2019 2020
top 10 rich people of the world 2019 2020. Top 5 richest people in the world. Forbes and Wikipedia.

6: Amancio Ortega:

Amancio Ortega is the wealthiest man of Europe. Amancio is the Spanish billionaire with a net worth of $62.7B and on the 6th place in the list. Some products of Amancio Ortega are the following.

  1. Pull & Bear
  2. Zara Clothes
  3. Bershka
  4. Stradivarius

7: Larry Ellison:

If you are familiar with any computer fieldwork then you will probably hear the name Oracle Database or software Company. Larry Ellison is the founder of Oracle software company. The net worth of Larry is about $62.5B.

8: Mark Zuckerberg:

In today’s world, it’s impossible to work without social media. Yeah, I am talking about Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, etc. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook. The most popular social media application and website. The net worth of Mark Zuckerberg is $62.3B.

9: Michael Bloomberg:

Michael Bloomberg is an American businessman and investor. Michael is CEO and owner of Blomberg the software and media Company. The net worth of Michael Bloomberg is about $55.5B.

10: Larry Page:

You will be familiar with google because you are reading this article on google (internet). Larry Page is the co-founder of Google. The most popular and used search engine. Larry is an American Businessman and Computer Scientist. Larry is an internet entrepreneur.

Top 10 rich people of the world 2019. The information is got from Wikipedia, Forbes and some other verified websites.

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