Top 5 Tech Skills in Demand in 2019

There are too many options to select a skill in the tech industry. A wide range of interesting directions exists in tech. Are you trying to change your particular field and jump into another interesting field of technology? If yes, then stick to this article and we will explain the top 10 tech skills in demand in 2019.

1: Machine Learning

Machine learning is similar to AI (Artificial Intelligence). It is generally a program that enables a computer to automatically learn and generate a program that works automatically. It also improves the system from experiences.

Machine learning is fully dependent on the development of the computer program that accesses the data and performs some operations on it to improve the system. The primary aim of Machine Learning is to allow the computer to learn automatically and improve the system without the help of human interaction.

2: Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is act or process in which the applications for mobiles or tablets are built. It is now common and free to develop such applications that can run on android or iOS. Mobile application development is very in-demand tech skill that is use nowadays on freelancing marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, Freelancer etc.

To learn mobile application development there are our post on this website that illustrates that top learning sources of learning mobile application development.

3: SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of getting traffic from organic, natural and real search result from the search engine. By learning the SEO, you can get your website on the top of the search results. It is now easier to learn SEO because of the internet. The post for the top learning sources of SEO will be published on this website very soon.

To learn SEO it is equally important to learn web development. Although you have to learn only the basics of web development because you should know the structure of the website.

Moreover, SEO is the top tech skill in demand being used by freelancers on the freelancing marketplace.

4: Data Science

Data science is the famous field that is used to extract the specified data from anywhere. The concept of data science is same as the data mining and big data. This skill need the most efficient programming algorithm to get specified data. Many of the enterprises have launched big data analysis to enhance there decision making strategies.

It is though important to learn Data Science if you are deeply interested in it. The post for learning the data science will be published soon.

5: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is same as machine learning but the key concept here is that artificial intelligence is the use of algorithm to make machines act like humans but the machine learning is the process of making machine learn from the specified set of data.

It is exciting for the programmers to learn something new. It is very challenging task for a programmer to make an algorithm and write code for the purpose of artificial intelligence. This is in demand skill spreading nowadays.

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