Top 6 Affiliate Marketing Websites & Programs For 2021

Affiliate Marketing Websites & Programs – It would be nice to make more money with your blog, right? After all the effort it takes for a blog to be successful. And the continuous effort that content requires every week, without fail, for your blog to continue to be successful … You have to start generating some kind of income with it. But the question arises that most bloggers struggle with: “Where do I start?” That is quite a difficult question to answer. There are also many correct and incorrect answers. Depending on the niche of your blog, traffic, etc. However, for this post, the answer is simple. They are “affiliate programs. ”More specifically, the best affiliate website for you, like any blogger. Let’s dive into the top 6 affiliate websites that any blogger can benefit from – Affiliate Marketing Websites & Programs

1. ShareASale Affiliates

ShareASale Has been in business for 17 years and they’ve kept up. With a bountiful market full of merchants catering to just about everything you can imagine, there will always be relevant products for you to promote.


•        Flexible payment options. Standard and digital payment options are available. Since digital payment options are so rare among popular affiliate websites, this scores them big points!

•        Wide selection of products. As you pick and choose which merchants to work with, you get a huge library of products to choose from and promote. Cons

•        It is not as straightforward as some of its competitors, which means that it will take longer to set up comparatively. It is not a major problem, but it does require a bit of technical knowledge.

2. Solvid Affiliate

We offer a 20% commission on all purchases, including those made by the referred customer in the future. This means that if you refer a customer who spends £ 3,500 / month with Solvid, you will receive £ 700 / month for as long as the customer stays with us. Similarly, if you refer a customer who places a one-time order of £ 12,000, you will receive a one-time commission payment of £ 2,400. There are no limits to what you can win.

3. Amazon Associates

Everyone knows Amazon. The online marketplace that can deliver anything from candy to a fully functional drone to your doorstep in one day. Every niche has its space on Amazon, making it a great starting point for an affiliate marketing company. 


•        Up to 10% on any qualifying product sale that comes from your link. All purchases made by referral traffic on Amazon, even if it is not the product you linked to, count towards your affiliate income.

•        Hugely diverse product selection. A one-stop-shop for many people, making orders much larger than a product link they click on. 


•        The affiliate cookie only lasts 24 hours. If they come back and buy after 24 hours, sadly there will be no income for you!

•        Lack of payment options. You can only receive payments by check, wire transfer, or Amazon gift card. Hopefully, they will soon branch out into digital payment methods.

4. eBay Partners

Even eBay’s colossal user-based marketplace wants you to help advertise and sell items on their platform. All you need to do is search for listings you want to help promote, promote them using the tools of the eBay partner network and you will get paid!


•        There is no market more diverse than eBay. It is based on the user. Someone, somewhere, is selling whatever legal product you can think of. Nothing can rival that diversity.

•        The simplest affiliate sales methods. There are no complex rules to follow, just share your shared link for the listing and win if someone buys it. 

•        Double commission during the first 3 months. Extra income is always good. 


•        If an auction takes more than 10 days to finish, you win nothing, even if you sent the winning bidder there. The downside on the auction site.


•        You earn a percentage of what eBay would earn from the sale. Instead of Affiliate and You, you are Affiliate, eBay, and You, which means you are splitting the sale into three parts. You get a big chunk of what eBay would make, but it’s worth knowing how it works.

5. Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce software used by bloggers and online retailers. As a blogger, you’re probably familiar with that. So for those of you in niches where your audience will also try to sell online, Shopify is a great affiliate association for you to point them out. 


•        You earn a lot by referral. You earn the first two months of your referral’s subscription fee (200% bonus), up to $ 598 on standard plans. 100% reward on the business plan that pays $ 2,000.

•        It is a platform worth recommending to people. Shopify is the main competitor in your space. Very few other e-commerce platforms come close. 


•        It is quite a niche. While the payment is great, your audience needs to sell stuff online for Shopify to be relevant to them.

6. Clickbank

Clickbank is very similar to ShareASale. A diverse marketplace is full of merchants that you pick and choose to promote, based on what your audience would be interested in. 


•        You will find something to promote. Their product database is one of the easiest to navigate on this list. It makes finding something to promote easy!


•        There are no digital payment methods yet. Unfortunately, they only offer checks, direct deposit, bank transfers, or Payoneer as payment options. They need more digital options.

•        $ 150 maximum earned per referral sale, regardless of product. That feels quite limiting. It would be nice to see a higher limit or just allow unlimited scaling.

END – Affiliate Marketing Websites & Programs

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