Top PHP YouTube Channels | 2021 [List]

From the vault of most exciting programming languages at this time is PHP. PHP is the server side language. PHP at this time support almost 85% of the web. At this time internet have a lot of data about PHP for beginners and advance level developer as well to learn or polish their skill to work in the field of PHP. PHP is interpreted language that it is executed in run-time. That’s why there is no slow compilation step, allowing you to immediately see changes you make in code. So, the wait is over, here we discuss about the top PHP YouTube Channels for learning or master yourself.

Here are the Top PHP YouTube Channels for Beginners:

Top PHP YouTube Channels list:

Code Course

Code Course known as a PHP Academy, Code Course provides lengthy and well define coding videos for GUI learners. It has playlists that guide you through every step of the process, start with the installation of PHP and than all the way to the PHP basic functions like building an image gallery.

Helping Develop

This channel runs by Joseph Smith. This channel provides web design and development videos on HTML, CSS and PHP. The channel provides you material that you need to know to get started with PHP, like its data types, functions and pagination.

Derek Banas

Derek Banas has more than one million subscribers, because the videos are simple and basic. His videos receive over 35 million views monthly. Here you will learn PHP attachment with HTML, Arrays, looping and expressions.

Brad Hussey

Here you’ll learn beyond just the basics of PHP. His videos are small in watch and at the spot, this site has lessons that are familiar to lessons you would take in an academic time. It teaches the important things to code dynamic websites with PHP, along with string operators, comparison operators, and logical operators.

Top PHP YouTube Channels for Advanced Developers

PHP Roundtable

By seeing only has 2500+ subscribers don’t ignore this channel because the channel is almost new, but it’s crowded with useful PHP tips. As the channel name suggests, the channel provides roundtable arguments with many professionals in the field that run from 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes. In this channel you’ll be able to get defined material on PHP static analysis, a depth on PHP 7’s source code, and character encoding in PHP.


Jesse Boyer is the talented web developer. This channel has covers a lot of topics from PHP to Python and Word Press. Jesse Boyer a diver of all business and he’s very good at his job. In PHP side you’ll learn dependency injector containers, file logger videos, and abstract classes’ lectures.

Dave Hollingworth

This channel has some starting lessons. This channel teaches you to generate unique, random tokens, secure hashes, object oriented PHP tutorials, in PHP, and common mistakes during code with PHP.

The New Boston

The New Boston has developed much defined videos on PHP that start with the installation of the language. However, the channel playlists may be as lengthy as almost 200 videos long, starting with the initial and through all the way up to more advanced PHP examples. The channel teaches you about constants, classes, properties, methods, and custom exceptions.

Reason for Top PHP YouTube Channels post

PHP is one of the most starter languages and it is how many of new generation of coders got their initiate. PHP is thrilling as its environs are steadily changing and there’s no idea how much you can get with PHP. So, above the list of Top PHP YouTube Channels discussed, must watch these channels for learning PHP.

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