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This is all about the top websites links for learning Python. It was released in 1991 by Guido van Rossum. It’s a very easy language to learn by its syntax as well as a lot of built-in functions. It makes coding very easy as well as short. Python gives a lot of technologies as well e.g. Data Science, Web Development and Gui. So the top websites links for learning Python are given below.


It is the best website for beginners to learn Python from basics to advance level. It gives you a browser interpreter to run the examples code there, so no need to have any Python interpreter in your computer. It’s a unique future of this website from others. It gives you knowledge about Python in section vise.

  • Learn the Basics
  • Data Science
  • Advanced Tutorials
  • Other Tutorials
  • Contributing Tutorials

So if you are a beginner you just follow the Learn Python and move on to advance level.

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2. TutorialsPoint

It is a very good website for learning Python in a smooth way. About 40 million users read 100 million pages every month. So it is a very popular website. It gives you tutorials about Python in these ways.

  • Basic Tutorials
  • Advanced Tutorials
  • Useful Resources

I am also very impressive from Tutorials Point. So if you want to learn Python in a smooth way you just follow Tutorials Point.

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3. W3School

It is a very simple and popular website to learn Python from beginning to advance level. So I recommend you to join it. It has a feature, name “Try it yourself” means run example at the point. So I really like this feature. You also like it when you try. W3School will be your growth in this way.

  • Tutorial
  • File Handling
  • MySql
  • MongoDB
  • Reference
  • Module Reference
  • Python How To?
  • Python Examples

So if you want to learn above concepts of Python in detailed and with examples than you must follow W3School.

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